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Yet More Dogs

Star - Born 3/27/07
Black Magic Blestyaschaya Zvezda
Star is one of our puppies from Tula's litter, with Vanya as the father. She is outgoing and affectionate and is big for her sex (over 100 pounds now).

Star at ten months

Sabre - Born 3/27/2007
Voronoy Klinok Yablunevyi Tsvit
Sabre and Star were born the same day, but several thousand miles apart. Sabre was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and was bred by Irina Yablonka. We saw Sabre's mother Amazonka at a show in Europe. so were delighted to be able to get one of her puppies. Sabre's father, Dagger s Zolotogo Grada, is also a very fine dog from one of the top BRT breeders in Russia.
Sabre is a big boy and is very sweet and outgoing. He loves to meet and greet new people and never fails to impress them with his temperament and calm demeanor.
He loves kids and has moved easily into the role as Misha's replacement as our therapy dog. He's now in his second school year of visiting a local grade school where the kids read to him to help them sharpen their reading skills. He just loves it and is very disappointed when the summer comes since it means that he can't see his kids for awhile.

Sabre at eight weeks of age

Sabre at seven months

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