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Black Magic BRTs
Nitza's Pedigree

Nitza (Nezvolena iz Russkoi Dinastii) is the daughter of Ata Atamanka, one of the top females in Russia right now. We saw Ata at the European show in in Helsinki, Finland in the summer of 2006 and fell in love with her, so we feel very fortunate to get one of her puppies. Her father is a son of Vsevolod, who has also been one of the top dogs in Russia and who happens to be the brother of our Vanya's father Veselchak.  

Sire: Zlato Bojar Gavrila Ladin Syn Dam: Ata Atamanka iz Russkoi Dinastii
Sire: Vsevolod S Zolotogo Grada Dam Zlato Bojar Lada Sire: Kris Dam: Ljalja Chernaja Olex iz Cernoi Stai
Sire: Kris Dam: Anfisa Sire: Vartan Dam: Betti Taifi Sire: Ivning Bol Dam: Bri Kristina Lami Sire: Ruslan Remak Dam: Ole Casandra Laik

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