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Black Magic BRTs
Our Dogs

These are our Black Russian Terriers

Nitza - Born October 19, 2006

Nezvolena iz Russkoi Dinastii 

Nitza was born in Russia and came to us in December of 2006. She is probably the most outgoing and affectionate female BRT we have had and has a promising future as a show dog, once she fills out and gains her adult size and weight. She is very quick and athletic and is constantly disappointed that we won't let her sleep in the bed with us.

Nitza at four months

Nitza at five months

Nitza's Pedigree

Vanya - Born 7/20/02
Duck Creek Ivan Tovarisch
Vanya is our handsome boy, our first Champion male BRT. Vanya is the tallest of our three BRTs about 29-1/2". Vanya is sweet and lovable and loves to play with Tula and Angelika and now has a new playmate in Nitza, our female puppy. Vanya won his AKC Championship in 2005 to go with the UKC Championship he won in 2004.

What a handsome boy! One year old.

More Vanya Pictures

Vanya's Pedigree

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