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Black Magic BRTs
Vanya's Pedigree

Vanya came to us at the age of eight weeks from Gayle Warren of Duck Creek Kennel in Delaware. Vanya was actually conceived in Russia and his mother Almira came to the United States while pregnant. Vanya's father, Veselchak, won first place in the Champions Class at the World Winners Dog Show in July 2002 in Amsterdam, beating several other internationally renowned champions like Kait Krait, Jashka and his father Kris.








Duck Creek Ivan Tovarisch          Born 7-20-2002
























Sire:  Veselchak S Zolotogo Grada

Dam:  Almira V Stile Lav

Sire:  Kris

Dam:  Anfisa

Sire:  Arktur Shulgar Iz

Dam:  Lavanda Olex Iz Chernoi

Sire:            Ivning Bol

Dam:             Bri Kristina Lami

Sire:            Bart Barby S Bronnich

Dam:           Black Light   Lotta Shal

      Sire:                   Irbis Raid

       Dam:            Adarona Dar

Sire:               Ruslan Remak

   Dam:             Ole Casandra Laik

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