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Black Russian Terriers

News January, 2014

The year 2013 has been rough on the Black Russian Terrier population in our home. Our crew, like everybody I suppose, has been getting older and we lost three of them this past year. Our sweet boy Vanya passed on in August and we lost Angelika and Sabre in October and December. We miss them all terribly, but as dog owners, we understand that dogs don't live as long as people, so we inevitably reach the point when we have to say goodbye.

On a more positive note, our remaining three BRTs are all doing well. Tula is the oldest at age ten and has definitely slowed and mellowed with age, but she still is beautiful, smart and loving. Nitza is seven now and still seems like she's in the absolute prime of life. She hasn't slowed down a bit and is still as athletic as always. And our sweet Star is six and is still like a goofy, lovable puppy.

The photo below is of Zed, one of our Berger Picards. We seem to gravitate towards the less common breeds, don't we? We now have four Picards: Zed, his daughter Missy, Adam and Missy's puppy (3-1/2 months old) Irrie. If you'd like to see more about the Berger Picard, visit our Picard website, prairiepicards.com.


Nitza at Chicago Show

Nitza Puppy at Four Weeks Old

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